Synth Specific:

  • Mix TypeMix Algorithm between OSC1 and OSC2. Add, Mul (multiply. AKA ringmod), PM (Phase mod. AKA FM synthesis) and Sync (OSC1 syncs OSC2
  • Mix BalanceMix Balance between OSC1 and OSC2
  • OSC1 Wave – Oscillator 1 waveform
  • OSC2 WaveOscillator 2 waveform
  • OSC2 Semi Tune - Oscillator 2 Semitone tuning
  • OSC2 Fine TuneOscillator 2 Fine tuning (in cents)
  • Noise Level – Noise Volume. Noise is Added to OSC2.

Snare Specific:

  • Snap Time – Length of initial ‘Snap’. Basically a quick burst of noise.
  • Snap Tone - Lowpass Filter frequency applied to the Snap burst.
  • Tone - Lowpass Filter frequency of the main body of the snare sound.
  • Drum Head Level - Volume of the drum head tone (which is a fixed frequency oscillator).
  • Crack Speed - Rate at which the envelopes are retriggered. This is used for ‘clap’ sounds.
  • Crack Time - Duration in which the sound is retriggered. This is used for ‘clap’ sounds.

Cymbal Specific:

  • Freq Spread - Spread multiplier of the frequencies in the cymbal sound.
  • Freq1 - Frequency Peak 1
  • Freq2 – Frequency Peak 2
  • Bandwidth1 - Bandwidth of Peak 1
  • Bandwidth2 - Bandwidth of Peak 2



  • Decay – Amplitude Envelope Decay
  • Shape – Amplitude Envelope Shape. See ‘A Note About Shape’ at the bottom.
  • Amp Attack – Amplitude Envelope Attack
  • Amp Decay – Amplitude Envelope Decay
  • Amp Shape – Amplitude Envelope Shape. See ‘A Note About Shape’ at the bottom.

Synth Specific:

  • Filter Attack – Filter Envelope Attack
  • Filter Decay – Filter Envelope Decay
  • Filter Shape – Filter Envelope Shape
  • Pitch Env Decay – Pitch Envelope Decay. Pitch Envelope is an Exponential envelope.
  • Pitch Env Shape – Pitch Envelope Shape


  • Filter Type – Type of filter. Lowpass, Highpass, Bandpass and Notch
  • Filter EnvMod – The degree that the Filter Envelope affects the cutoff frequency. Can be positive or negative.
  • Cutoff – Filter center frequency.
  • Resonance – Filter peak or sharpness. Also called Q.
  • Drive – Filter Drive. Higher drive settings have the effect of reducing resonance, but yield a heavier, bassier sound.
  • Clip – Hard distortion circuit. On or Off.


Synth Specific:

  • OSC1 Pitch Env Amnt – Pitch mod for OSC1
  • OSC2 Pitch Env Amnt – Pitch mod for OSC2
  • Pitch Env to Mix Bal
  • Pitch Glide

SimpleDrum Specific:

  • Pitch Mod Depth – Amount of modulation
  • Pitch Mod Rate – Rate of Modulation
  • Pitch Mod Type – Type of modulation. Envelope, Saw Oscillator, Sine Oscillator, or Random Generator. Random modulation can be used to get ‘pitched noise’ sounds.

Snare Specific:

  • Trigger to Drum Head – Degree that Trigger affects the Drum Head volume
  • Trigger to Drum Tone - Degree that Trigger affects Drum Tone.


  • Trigger to Amp Env – Degree that Trigger affects overall Volume Level of the Part
  • Trigger to Amp Decay - Degree that Trigger affects Amp Envelope Decay
  • Trigger to Pitch Env - Degree that Trigger affects Pitch Envelope
  • Trigger to Filter Env – Degree that Trigger affects Filter Envelope
  • Muted - Whether this part is muted or not. This is the same as going to the Performance page and Muting the part.
  • Level – Volume Level
  • Pan – Stereo Pan

A Note About Shape

This diagram should illustrate how envelopes and the Shape parameter works. The Synth and Cymbal parts have an Attack / Decay / Hold Envelope. The rest of the Parts use simpler Exponential Envelopes.


Snare Specific:Trigger to Drum Head
Trigger to Drum Tone
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