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August 24th, 2009

Here’s what people are saying about bleep!BOX:

Kurt: This app is amazing. Great, intuitive UI, Super tweak-able sounds, and a performance mode that lets you do some amazing looping/stutter effects. I’ve only had it for one day but I can see that this app is deep. I will be able to go back to it over and over and get a different sounding result every time.

DJ_BrettG : @PalmSounds have you tried bleep!box out yet? pretty cool sounds in it!

ronji: Whoa, almost went over on my lunch break playig with bleep!BOX. so fun.

shawnroos: bleep!BOX: The best iPhone Music Making App Since Intua Beatmaker is Live.

jzellis: If you’re a music nerd, check out bleep!BOX for iPhone. Coolest 808/909 type sequencer I’ve seen in a long time.

greenzxr: bleep!BOX is turning in2 another excellent tool 4 mobile music composition 2 add 2 my collection along w/ Beatmaker, Hexatone, etc

neilkod: This bleep!BOX is app really, really good -I just blew 20 minutes just tweaking the darn snares! well done @bleepboxapp

EricDrain: got the bleep!BOX App last night. Kept me up past my bed time. This is serious!

Metaphormidable: bleep!BOX is one of my very favorite music apps and I have a LOT of them

Onezero: Thanks for developing bleep!BOX–I’m finding that it really opens up composition on the go, and I like how you’ve made the most use of the iPhone screen space. Great stuff, and I’ve given you a 5-star review on the app store.

cycle60: a beatbox/synth app for the iphone that’s actually useful? bleepbox could be it.

Philip: I wanted to say you’ve got a fantastic app on your hands- I’ve owned dozens of drum machines and groove boxes and  bleep box is easily more fun and tweakable than any.

jdenkmire: Holy crap, I hope the outlet is near because i’m going to run out of iphone juice in a hurry, thanks to bleep!box.

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