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August 17th, 2009

White Noise Audio Software Releases iPhone App bleepBOX!, an Analogue Synthesizer / Drum Machine Combo that Fits in Your Pocket

KENNETT SQUARE, PA – August 17, 2009 – The beat box just got pocket sized. bleep!BOX, an analog syth/drum machine debuted in Apple’s iPhone App Store on Saturday, August 15, 2009. bleep!BOX allows users to arrange synthesizer melodies, program drum beats and edit dozens of parameters in real time. Unlike other music apps, bleep!BOX does not limit users with fixed sample sets or pre-made loops. It does not use any samples, only tweakable, analog-style sounds.

Developer Dave Wallin, owner of White Noise Audio Software created bleep!BOX after becoming frustrated with music apps available for the iPhone. “Only two types of music apps were available: simple music toys and music makers. The simple music toys become boring fast and had limited usefulness and the music makers didn’t offer enough options to make a song interesting. bleepBOX! strikes that balance between simplicity and creative potential.”

Similar to the controls on a vintage analog synthesizer, bleep!BOX gives users creative license over waveforms, filters, effects and modulation. It features 50+ parameters and can play up to 10 instruments simultaneously.

“There are a lot of musicians who don’t like using already-made loops,” said Wallin. With bleep!BOX you can program all of your own sounds and make the melodies you want instead of using canned loops or samples. Now users can produce real music on their iPhones.”

bleepBOX!, sold solely in Apple’s app store, costs $9.99 USD and requires iTunes. Click here for the iTunes store link for bleep!BOX.

White Noise Audio Software produces innovative computer based instrument plugins. Founded in 2003, the company is best known for 3 products: Additive, an additive synthesizer, Doppelmangler, a spectral resynthesizer and Zero Vector, a virtual analog synthesizer. bleep!BOX is the company’s first iPhone app. Dave Wallin is the founder and sole proprietor of White Noise Audio Software.

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