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August 17th, 2009

First, thanks to everyone who has purchased the app so far! And especially thanks to the people who have been kind enough to write reviews. It’s really important to get a good buzz going – for all the really good iPhone music apps, like Beat Maker, JR Hexatone, Noise.io, Technobox and Jasuto there are about 50 lame ‘iPhone Drumz’ apps. And those apps that might have taken a day or a week at most to do, get the same placement in the app store that the quality apps that might have taken 3 months to do. So please tell your friends, tweet, post stuff online, etc!

Now, a few people have been asking me about features that may be coming down the pipe. I have a few things that I’ve been planning on doing since day one that just didn’t make it into the first release. Here’s a list:

  • - Http Server for file I/O. Jasuto has a built in http server for uploading and downloading patches from the iPhone over Wifi. I would like to do a similar solution for bleep!BOX. Aside from patches, I want to enable people to export WAV/AIFF files. It would be pretty cool if you could export a .WAV of your beat, with slice points already there :)


  • - Online Patch Sharing community. Some of you have already noticed the ‘Submit’ button on the save page. I want to expand this funcionality so that you can download other people’s submissions directly, rate them, comment, etc.. Having a bleep!BOX community would be rad.


  • - DSMI midi support. The DSMI library allows iPhone and Nintendo DS apps to send midi messages over Wifi using a computer to act as a server. The server software is cross platform (Mac, PC, Linux) and well supported. I would *like* to add DSMI for MIDI sync and maybe MIDI IO. There may be some challenges with this one, but you’ll definately see DSMI in some form make it in.


  • - Master volume control – the output of bleep!BOX is a bit low. Being able to control the overall volume would help.


  • - Some kind of LFO modulation


UPDATE: Forgot an important one! Song Mode – I want to add a song page that will allow you to string together patterns into a song.

That’s a few of my ideas that should definately see the light of day. I can’t promise that they will all be in the next release, but atleast 1-2 of them should be. If you have suggestions, please click the contact button or post them!

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