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April 12th, 2010

bleep!BOX has been getting some nice reviews in the app store. Here’s one I wanted to share:

This is the first review I’ve ever felt compelled to write…

First of all, WOW! The developer did such a fantastic job on this app! There are so many great and intuitive features packed into bleep!BOX that make it an entirely new experience for this electronic musician of 15 years who has seen and heard it all, and the sound quality is simply superb!

I downloaded this after getting both the Korg app and Mini-Synth Pro, and bleep!BOX is the winner hands down, for all around design, programmability, playability, and sound quality. The sounds are all synthesized as you go, no samples, and all ten voices have been thoughtfully designed and are true to their analog counterparts. In just a couple days, this has become my new favorite app of all the music software loaded on both my iPhone and new iPad.

Don’t make the mistake I did of thinking that because it has a whimsical name that it’s not a deadly serious production tool with tons of potential. Exporting recordings via wi-fi .wav files is awesome, and I am floored by the punchy full frequency sound that this app delivers, which is by the far the important criteria for me personally.

So keep an eye out for my existing hardware synthesizers for sale on eBay in the coming weeks, as it turns out a $9.99 app on my $600 iPad has just replaced a couple thousand dollars in bulky gear, letting me freely create music in a fraction of the time and always take my production tool with me. Also, my hardware synths don’t email or surf the web! :)

I have a feeling that as updates come down the pipe, bleep!BOX is only gonna get better and better, but one thing is certain, the future is truly NOW!

Thanks for the kind words!

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