bleep!BOX gets prettier on the iPad

May 3rd, 2010

While we have been hard at work adding new features, we have also been thinking how to best make use of all this great new screen real-estate on the iPad, while still keeping our iPhone and iPod touch users happy. To that end, we have gone through and adjusted every page in bleep!BOX to use the full screen space available. No more ‘empty’ looking pages. Plus, we’ve added the one feature that will make bleep!BOX respected in the pantheon of ‘Professional’ music applications. You guessed it – BRUSHED ALUMINUM. Awwww yeah!!!

And yes, for you haters of white space, there is still some white space on the sequencer page. Why you might ask? Well maybe, JUST MAYBE some amazing new things will get added there someday. YOU JUST NEVER KNOW!!

Click below for the bigger versions.

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