New version

May 24th, 2010

Work is wrapping up on the new version which I’ve been teasing for a while now. I fixed up a couple critical bugs this weekend and made some improvements to the loading sequence. So the app should start up faster and hopefully this will fix any issues people are having launching the app (I had only one report of problems).

The next version will support the Intua ‘General Pasteboard’ method for copying and pasting audio to other apps.Also, Sonoma has released version 1.1 of their API which supports the General Pasteboard. So, soon you’ll be able to paste into all of those apps, such as FourTrack and Looptastic (as soon as all developers upgrade to 1.1). I’m very excited about this. Combined with the multitasking stuff coming in OS4.0, it will be very easy to use a variety of different apps to generate audio and compose music on the iPhone / iPad. Now we just need someone to figure out how to hack the Camera Kit to do MIDI output ;)

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