1.3.1 is live, more fixes coming

July 22nd, 2010

1.3.1 is live – this update fixed SoundCloud support and some issues with the new ‘bar’ slider behavior (on the iPhone/Touch). There is still one more issue with the bar slider, in that changing the pattern length does not update the bar slider immediately. Right now, you would have to switch patterns (on the song page for instance) in order to get it to recognize your new setting. We are also looking into an issue with the intro ‘news’ page crashing if you click ‘GO’ before the images finish loading. Both of these bugs will be fixed and we are looking to submit a new update this weekend.

Good things are on the horizon – we are looking into providing Retina display support for those of you with iPhone 4′s, and we have more new features and cool stuff planned. We also have a couple videos to release. Stay tuned.

1.3.1 update submitted

July 7th, 2010

This update will fix SoundCloud support and some problems with the ‘bar’ picker on the iPhone interface. Updates for bleep!Synth and bleep!BOX Player are also waiting for review and are expected within the next few days.

Outstanding issues

July 2nd, 2010

Looks like a couple minor things got broken in the scramble to fix bleep!BOX for iOS 4

  • Some text values on the edit sliders are cut off
  • Soundcloud authorization isn’t working correctly

We are aware of the issues and will get these two items fixed quickly. Fixes for bleep!Synth are also in the pipeline and expected shortly.

Update Approved!

July 1st, 2010

1.3.0 bleep!BOX is now available for download. All users are encouraged to upgrade. Here’s the full list of changes:

  • iOS 4.0 compatibility General Pasteboard Audio Copy (Beatmaker, MAPI 1.1)
  • Many UI Enhancements for the iPad
  • New background image
  • FileSharing (OS 3.2 and up)
  • SoundCloud submission
  • Tweet your beat
  • Fix for Loading Issues
  • Fixed deleting files
  • Ability to Customize your backgrounds (via FileSharing)
  • Sound ‘dropout’ fixes
  • New Patterns and Presets
  • Ability to open patches via web link
  • Clear part, Clear Pattern options
  • Ability to save and delete multiple audio (.WAV) files
  • changed wav format to 16-bit for greater compatibility with other apps

iOS 4.0 update submitted

July 1st, 2010

An important bug fix for iOS 4.0 has been submitted. Lets all hope for a speedy and smooth approval.

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