1.3.1 is live, more fixes coming

July 22nd, 2010

1.3.1 is live – this update fixed SoundCloud support and some issues with the new ‘bar’ slider behavior (on the iPhone/Touch). There is still one more issue with the bar slider, in that changing the pattern length does not update the bar slider immediately. Right now, you would have to switch patterns (on the song page for instance) in order to get it to recognize your new setting. We are also looking into an issue with the intro ‘news’ page crashing if you click ‘GO’ before the images finish loading. Both of these bugs will be fixed and we are looking to submit a new update this weekend.

Good things are on the horizon – we are looking into providing Retina display support for those of you with iPhone 4′s, and we have more new features and cool stuff planned. We also have a couple videos to release. Stay tuned.

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