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August 9th, 2010

I put together a bunch of ‘standard’ drum machine beats for you all to enjoy – Funk, Reggae, Rnb and more! Not too much creativity in the sound design, but these are good starting points for your own creations.

Sample – Funk | Sample – Rnb

Download them Here

In order to get these onto your iPhone or iPad you have several options. The easiest is if you have iOS 3.2 or later. Just plug in your device via your USB sync cable and go into the apps tab. Select bleep!BOX and you should see a documents list at the bottom. Unzip the contents of the zip file on your computer and drag them into into the root folder for bleep!BOX. The next time bleep!BOX runs, it will grab these and put them in the proper patch folders.

If you have an older device, the next best bet is to use the WIFI Transfer page (Data -> Share -> WIFI Transfer). Please see the docs if you’re new to the process.  If you’re stuck, feel free to drop me a mail.

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