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April 4th, 2011

I recently got a request for help with making pad sounds in bleep!BOX. I’m reposting my response here for the benefit of other users.

Generally to make good pads you need the following elements:
1. Long attack / decay / release time
2. ‘phattened’ up oscillators – either using detuning or chorus or modulated with an LFO
3. lots of reverb and delay
4. generally clean sounds (no distortion or heavy resonance). dial down ‘drive’ on the filter page.
Since bleep!BOX only has a delay effect (no reverb / chorus) and no LFO, getting good pads can be a bit of challenge. But, people did pads with 8-bit chips that had even less options. I included some patches below for getting some pads in bleep!BOX. The patches have longer attack times and take advantage of the per-part delay effect. People are used to hearing chords with pads, so you can try loading the same sound on two Synth parts and playing different notes at the same time. This is also good to do even if you aren’t playing chords – since each synth part is ‘mono’, alternating notes on different parts allows you to keep the old note ringing out instead of interrupting it right away it with a new note (the ‘release’ part of the sound gets to keep playing). Think of it as a poor-man’s polyphony.
Here’s a few sounds that I came up with:

For help on getting these onto your device, see the FAQ or help.

Got some good patches you’d like to share? Email it to me or pick the ‘Submit’ option in the app!

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