Looking for Beta testers for MIDI sequencer iPad app

May 25th, 2011

UPDATE: This generated quite a lot of interest! I have enough testers for now, but I will let everyone know if that changes. Thanks!

I’m looking for a few dedicated individuals who:

  • Own an iPad
  • Own MIDI gear
  • Own some kind of iPad compatible MIDI interface (Camera Connection kit + USB Midi interface, or Line 6 Mobilizer, etc) or are willing to do network MIDI to their Mac.

The app focuses on sequencing songs and patterns using the iPad to control other synthesizers over MIDI. It supports CoreMIDI, network MIDI, MIDI Sync, .MID export and import, and the Line6 Midi Mobilizer interface. It also features a great multitouch interface to quickly and easily get down your ideas and hear them live.

If you are interested in getting your hands on this app, get in touch with us.

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