Q: Old patches or patches made in 1.3.4 – 1.3.5 sound different than I remember

A: Some changes were made to the ordering of the parameters in 1.3.4 which subsequently threw off the Target of Motion sequences (for Synth parts). This means the wrong parameter is being modified. This change has been undone in 1.3.6 and we added +/- buttons to make it easy to correct any issues without losing your Motion data. The Motion target is essentially ‘off by 1′ so, you should only need to tap + or – once to find the correct target.

Q. I bought the bleep!BOX Plugin, now how do I use it?

Most bleep!BOX functions, such as triggering parts or playing patterns can be controlled by sending notes to bleep!BOX.

Q. I bought the bleep!BOX Plugin, where is the AU version?

A. On the Mac, bleep!BOX is a hybrid VST and AU. This means the same .VST file is also an AU .component. Simply rename the .vst to .component and copy it to /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components. The vst version goes in the VST folder.
Additional Help is at http://www.bleepboxapp.com/app-help/ which explains the full function of the plugin.

Q. How do I transfer patches between the iPhone / iPad and the desktop?

A. Desktop patches will be in your documents folder in the /WNAS/bleepbox/ sub folder. To move patches to your device you can either use the Transfer -> Wifi option on the data page or use iTunes file sharing (click the ‘apps tab’ and go to bleep!BOX). iTunes is the recommended option. Since iTunes won’t let you drag a file to a sub folder in the app, simply drag it to the root folder for bleep!BOX and bleep!BOX should move the patch to the right place next time you open the app.
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