Genome MIDI Beta

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Help and instructions

Sequencer Page

Genome MIDI Sequencer (GMS) has up to 16 tracks of Midi. Each track has as many patterns as you want, but only one pattern per track plays at once. Press the ‘+’ button to add patterns to a track. Tapping a pattern will select it as the playing pattern; you can also tap again to turn a pattern off. Press the ‘Edit’ button to edit the currently playing pattern. Or, you can also tap and hold any pattern to edit it.

At the bottom of the sequencer page is the Song Editor. Initially you’ll see 4 squarish Song Step buttons at the bottom. These are mini snapshots of all 16 tracks. Each contains 16 squares and the color of each square represents the pattern playing on that track. You can quickly jump between snapshots using these buttons. When song mode is active, the snapshot will automatically change every Bar. So if you have a pattern that is 4 bars long, you’ll need to have 4 snapshots with that pattern in it to hear the whole thing. There are menu buttons here for inserting new Song Steps, copying and pasting, etc.

Also of note – At the top bar are your Song Info buttons and your MIDI setup buttons. Song Info is where you would set the tempo or export midi. The MIDI config will let you pick midi devices and also set up Network midi options.

Pattern Editor

The heart of Genome is the pattern editor. It takes the form of a Piano roll. Genome’s piano roll makes heavy use of Multitouch gestures:

1 Finger gestures

  1. - Draw a note
  2. - Delete note
  3. - Draw CC curve


2 Finger Gestures

  1. - Scroll (2 fingers close together and swipe up, down, left right). This is how you change Octaves or switch Bars in your pattern.
  2. - Box Select (2 fingers further away). Use this to select notes for copy / paste / cut or to change the velocity of a group of notes.


Note that Genome always stays locked so that the C note is always at the bottom and it shows some whole number of octaves (either 1, 2, or 4 octaves). There is also a ‘Mini-map’ to help you navigate. Tapping with two fingers always brings up the mini-map. By keeping things locked, you don’t have to think about what notes you are looking at or spend as much time resizing the view.

At the bottom of the pattern page is a button that brings up a keyboard. The keyboard can be used for live recording purposes. It can also be used for step recording. Press a chord then draw in the pattern area and you will draw only that chord.


Network MIDI

If you’ve never used network midi with your Mac before, it’s a bit of a pain. You have to go into your Mac’s Settings -> Audio MIDI Setup. Then go to Window -> Show MIDI Window then click on Network. I have ‘Who Many Connect To Me’ set to ‘Anyone’.

In the app, go to the midi config -> Midi Setup and make sure your Mac is selected (button should be blue). Also go to MIDI Outputs and make sure Network Session is blue. Then, back on your desktop in the MIDI Network Setup panel you should see your device listed under where it says ‘Directory’. Hilight it and click ‘Connect’. Now midi should be travelling over the network (I use MIDI monitor to verify..)



add current pattern name to sequencer page for each track

Info buttons – make it so you don’t need to release over

Info Buttons – make bigger hit area?

make sure csurf state is saved / restored properly

make pitch bend wheel send pitch bend

  • make centered in middle, return to 0 on mouse up

add labels for pitch, mod wheel

add ‘title’ popup before stuff starts?

add ‘grey’ to background of popups

piano roll editor

  • proper font?
  • Add animations for creating / deleting notes.

black piano buttons – bigger hit area?

add rounded corner thing to keyboard

selection – if notes selected, add icons for longer / shorter?

mod wheel-  gradient on shine changes as you tilt it

undo works after loading.. is that right? is the load added as an undo?

can’t view all 16 tracks

prev / next pattern buttons

popup or blink midi button when setup has changed..

Network MIDI stuff is not saved

idea: add button for ‘make selected longer / shorter’

make track info header an object so it can be serialized etc easier

Network Midi – should app show up as a midi source like mo-drum?

Files – Add ‘num tracks’ to file format

  • future proofing for cases where tracks != 16
  • right now, bail for tracks != 16

need a way to insert/paste ”at the end’ of the song.

  • or a way to drag and drop patterns.

need default CCs – aftertouch, pitch bend, etc.



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